DMS Cloud offers the industry’s most cost effective and easy to use solution to enhance your local data acquisition products into the cloud. Grant access to view data in any web browser, on any PC, tablet or smartphone. Just click the automatically generated, password protected link to open your data in any web browser. For full access, simply setup user accounts.

CMMS (Cloud-based Maintenance Management System)

Automatic asset maintenance comes with a variety of advances and cost savings.  

Fully automated maintenance scheduling with auto synchronized hour counters reduce labor and potential for human mistakes. Maintenance track record analysis helps better understanding and optimizing processes and costs. All asset relevant document are stored in one place and easy available at any time.


Customer’s Account

Are you doing a well service and your customer wants to see the progress? Don’t wait until they arrive at the job location or until you are ready to start the job. Create a customer’s account, send your client the credentials, and let them stay warm at the office and watch their data online.

Engineer’s Account

Are you having many jobs in a short time and your engineers cannot get to the job location on time? Or you just don’t have enough manpower? You can postpone some jobs or let them sit at your company office, taking control of all your jobs simultaneously. With an Engineer’s Account, your engineer will be able to create customer accounts to stay in contact with operators remotely, manage jobs by downloading CSV job data, and do job designs or simulations even with 3rd part software.

One Job Password

Do you want to give access to a current job but don’t have the time or opportunity to create an account right now? Or maybe you don’t want to create an account for a new user? No problem! Use One Job Password to automatically generate after a job start. The Job operator can share that password by sending a message, picture, or by calling the end user.

Easy User Interface

If you don’t like to read user manuals, this is for you! The very intuitive user interface allows you to start working with DMS Cloud within minutes. With help of window templates, users can starts watching data in a few clicks.

Easy Set-Up Process

The set-up process is limited to two steps; online registration and select channels to be sent to DMS Cloud. No additional configuration or settings.

Data Security

DMS Cloud is designed on Amazon AWS, one of the most stable server locations in the whole world. Separate customer databases and automatic backups ensure the security of your data. Additional account settings ensure that the person you share data with has access to only what is designated to them.