Data Acquisition

DMS Software

Our DMS (data acquisition) software makes life easy!

Unlimited configurability (lay out the interface how you want), simple job reporting & resolution independent software are just some of the features that people come to love. Did you know that DMS software can be installed on any modern Windows-based PC, laptop or tablet? It’s optimized for touchscreen use and works seamlessly with Windows 10 touch utilities.

We offer rugged laptops & tablets that come with a 3-Year bumper-to-bumper warranty but you don’t have to buy our computers. We can install DMS on your computers if desired. In fact, DMS software can be installed on multiple computers simultaneously and the license key can be easily moved from computer to computer. Now customers don’t have to buy licenses for each unit or for backup computers. You can simply move the license around as needed.

Since DMS software can be downloaded freely from our website it ensures that none of our customers will ever be “stuck” waiting for a replacement computer from us. You’ll always be able to get through your job!

How’s that for simplicity?

DMH Hardware

Prime provides ultimate flexibility when it comes to data acquisition hardware. We have standard designs that cover most data acquisition needs (fixed mount, portable, DC powered, AC powered, etc.). You’ll find Prime systems installed on pump-down units, mixing plants, double fluid pumps, shop iron testing, mobile iron testing, frac and more. If one of our pre-packaged solutions doesn’t meet your needs, don’t worry. We also custom design data acquisition systems and can white label our products if desired. All of this is easy because of how flexible our DMS software is.

Did you know that all hardware manufactured by Prime also comes with a 3-Year Warranty? We’ve got your back!

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